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Common questions answered


Some of our most commonly asked questions answered for you in advance.

How do I know which size to get?

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes even within breeds, so the best answer is to measure your pets neck!

-Small <12" - Cats, Chihuahua, Yorkie, Maltese, Pug, Boston Terrier
- Medium 12-18" - Dalmation,  Labradoodle, Schnauzer, Boxer
- Large 18-24" - Labrador, Golden Retriever, Collie, German Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Dane

Of course, if you want a bandana custom fitted for your buddy, send us a message and ask! We'll happily oblige in any design you like.

How long does shipping take?

As all of our products are handmade here in the United States, orders will typically arrive 5-7 days after ordering.

What size works best for cats?

For cats we recommend a size Small (<12").

As always, if you'd like one of our bandanas custom fit for your buddy - reach out to us using the contact form above, or click here to be redirected.